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  • Wider visor aperture offers more view through the bends
  • First motorcycle helmet offering the Peripherally Belted SNC outer shell construction
  • Emergency Release cheek pads offer increased personal safety in case of an accident
  • Famous SNC net material has become stronger to keep the shell shape intact even under extremely heavy loads and impacts.
  • Improved ventilation/Side Exhausts
  • MotoGP tested and developed Air Wing is easily adjustable, even with gloves on, in five different angles of attack positions to suit every riding position. The Air Wing reduces drag, turbulence and buffeting resulting in more comfort and additional top-speed.
  • New airflow spoiler directs the airflow around the bottom edge. Together with the new Power Intake Shutter chin vent and the FFS (Free Flow System) aerodynamics around the bottom are optimized.
  • The now famous anatomical shape of the helmet gives a clean and aerodynamical look and the actual width of the helmet opening is enlarged for easier putting on and taking off without sacrificing stability and low noise levels at high speeds.
  • Completely removable Dry-Cool interior lining and neckroll