Dunlop : Geomax AT81 Front Tires

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$91.16 - 91.48
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The AT81 and AT81RC (Reinforced Construction) cover a huge variety of off-road terrain. From rocky, hard-packed desert to the loamy woods, the AT81 series has proven itself by winning championships in top-level off-road racing all across the U.S.

AT81 Key Featuers

  • Newly formulated high-wear-resistant rear tire compound offers enhanced chipping, tearing and wear appearance.
  • Lateral grooves on the shoulder knobs provide additional biting edges and also allow the knobs to be more flexible.
  • Dunlop’s “plush pad” recess design between tread blocks enhances compliance for bump absorption and ride comfort.
  • Front tire construction includes two plies of nylon wrapped with a third ply of polyester for a strong base.