Fox Racing : Instinct Prey Boots 2020

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Offered in our iconic race red colorway, the Instinct Prey Boot pays homage to the legendary bars on Old Glory. It's the perfect tribute to the country where the Fox brand was born and still reigns!

Instinct Boot offers premium performance right out of the box. With its hinge and buckle system, it provides an immediate step in comfort and support - no break in required. Additionally, the hinge provides lateral support and locks out to stop motion before hyperflexion.

The Instinct Boot has a slim medial design to give you an intuitive feel of the bike, with a low ride chassis providing smooth shifting and better control of the rear brake.

The outsole and burn guard utilizes our Duratec compound for grip and durability. This proprietary rubber was engineered to give you the greatest advantage on the track.

  • Hinge Lockout stops motion before hyperextension.
  • Our exclusive Duratac Fox rubber compound provides improved durability and unprecedented grip on outsole and burn guard.
  • A slim medial design keeps you close to the bike with the Duratac burn guard giving grip.
  • Low ride chassis brings the foot lower and closer to the foot peg.
  • Slim toe box for easy shifting and a slimmer overall profile.
  • Replaceable sole.