GPR : Suzuki V4 Stabilizers

Retail Price:
$495.00 - 645.00
MX South Price:
$445.50 - 580.50
Part Number:
  • This design is the evolution of the GPRV3 without the remote adjustment and hoses.
  • Racers wanted that slim under-bar mount, but did not need to have the remote adjustment, or hoses.
  • We moved the adjustment dial to the left side and created a dial that was easy to use but as small as possible.
  • This is the result. All machined from billet stock, anodized and laser engraved.
  • An instant hit with the pro off-road racers. Smaller, lighter, faster.
  • This design has caught the attention of Motocross / Supercross and Supermoto teams for its ability to be mounted below the bars and make virtually no change to the riders position.
  • Easy to adjust but also tucked out of the way.
  • Offering an under-bar mount systems by our competitors "standard" steering damper has the problem of raising your bar height as much as 2+ inches.
  • This steering damper is made for mounting under the bars.
  • This was achieved by keeping the damper as slim as possible and the creation of a "hollow" vane.
  • The hollow vane allows for the damper to be mounted almost flush to the top clamp.
  • You'll find this design on the Motocross / Supercross team of Star Yamaha, Broc Tickle, Factory Kawasakis Off-Road team, Destry Abbott, Ricky Dietrich, The Yamaha's of Russ Pearson. The KTM's of Shane Watts, Robbie Jenks and Mike Lafferty, just to name a few.
  • The Pro Kit includes the triple clamp.