Hot Cams : Cam Shaft

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$44.16 - 367.95
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$39.74 - 331.15
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  • High-performance racing camshafts
  • Stage 1 and Stage 2 performance camshafts are drop-in cams that are designed to be used with stock valve springs
  • In most applications Stage 1 cams deliver more torque and Stage 2 cams provide more peak horsepower
  • Gold Series camshafts are designed to provide extra torque and horsepower; these camshafts require the use of stiffer valve springs
  • New builder Series camshafts offer engine builders a multitude of options for different engine configurations
  • Builder Series camshafts were developed for engine builders that have specific requirements to maximize their particular engine configuration; see notes in the performance description for use with OE valve springs of the requirements of stiffer valve springs