Mission Statement

A Different Approach

It is our goal to offer you something of value and substance, more than just a "cheap" place to buy stuff. If you are ONLY looking for a "cheap" place to buy stuff we may not be the place for you. Allow me to introduce myself... My name is Jeff Hirshberg and I am the proud owner and President of MX South. I am a rider/racer and an enthusiast such as you, and more importantly, we here at MX South are international suppliers of ALL PRODUCTS within the Motorcycle, ATV, and Powersports industries. We are highly experienced and have been here in cyberspace since the mid '90's and in the real world of Powersports for near 30 years. We are NOT just another one of those "Johnny come lately" websites that pop up every other day from someone's home PC selling out of a garage or a nameless, faceless Ebay seller. We are authentic and deeply established. Our purpose for being here on the Internet is to offer our services and abilities to everyone to make buying your Powersports parts, accessories, and supplies as easy and enjoyable as riding is. Our advanced website is your own personal parts department that gives you the power to order up anything you need for yourself, or your bike. You will feel like you are buying straight from the factory when fulfilling your Powersports needs through MX SOUTH. Our shipping times are second to none and there is NOTHING that we can't supply for less than most others can straight to your front door anywhere in the WORLD.

Please understand that even though we have a very large assortment of products and catalogs on our website that has grown immensely over the years, it would be impossible to compile all of the companies' products and catalogs we have access to on-line every second of every day, even though we surely try. The same holds true for a complete printed catalog. Especially, in light of how frequently items come in and out of style in this sport. Products seem to go out of style a week after they come into style. Therefore, rather than wasting resources having an expensive and quickly obsolete printed catalog we focus all of our attention on providing the most up to date and comprehensive website that we can possibly offer. In doing so we ensure that we are not wasting your time and resources where they are not the most beneficial to our customers and our main mission of providing a highly competitive and valuable resource to Motoheads all over the world. Yes, we are all Motoheads. In keeping with this straight forward and common sense fiscally responsible approach we avoid the need for higher product prices and protect our ability to offer better savings, service, and value, to everyone around the globe for years to come.

Please take advantage of our many powerful and unique website features. In each of our Powersports sections, we have a very powerful SEARCH BOX feature backed up by an ultra-complete manufacturer PART NUMBER DATABSE where you can type in any part number, phrase, or keyword to find exactly what you want instantly and extensive Product Catalog and Brand Name Guides for general shopping and browsing. Ordering with us is very simple as well. Our traditional methods of email submission or simply calling in can be used for placing orders, as well as submitting any inquiries you might have about our products and services. However, our newest, most updated, SECURE, and efficient method of ordering is our new fully automated and SECURE integrated shopping cart system. It is connected and visible throughout our whole website and is very easy and straightforward to use. Simply choose the items that you want by either clicking on the add-to-cart button or manually entering in the item part number into the search box at the top of any page (all items showing on our site have part numbers, as well as every item in this industry that may not be showing on our site yet), Then when you have added all of the items you want you click on the checkout button and go through the checkout process. You can create your user account for easy future checkout and savings, or choose not to during your checkout and simply click 'submit' to SECURLY submit your order and you are finished. It is simple, safe, and easy.

We have also maintained some manual entry fields in our shopping cart so you can still enter in items by manufacturer part number when that item may not yet be listed in our database or on our site. Remember, we can supply just about anything at all that you may need for the rider or machine. No matter how complete we are, we do understand that there will always be new emerging items and items that we haven't gotten onto the website yet. This is where you can enter in items of that nature. Maintaining some manual entry ability in shopping cart maintains our flexibility to rapidly adapt to our customer's needs and offer the best possible value and service. If you have the product info for an item that you do not see already on our site, you would simply enter it in this section of the order form. Just give a good complete description with manufacturer part numbers and price and we will take care of the rest.

Regardless of how you choose to place your order, all orders must be for at least $25 (U.S.) in merchandise for Domestic orders and at least $50 (U.S) in merchandise for International orders. This helps us keep our costs down and pass the savings on to you. Also, this protects you from paying way too much shipping to ship one small item.

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, wire transfers, and money order pre-payments. These options are already in the shopping cart for you.

For all inquiries, please submit an e-mail, fax, or call on any and all products in the industry that you may be interested in and we will happily answer you ASAP. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your MX South experience,

Jeff at MX SOUTH