Nihilo Concepts : Air Box Screw Kit

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Most New KTM's have a snap on air box cover. While this is a great feature and very convenient it can become an issue if the cover gets ripped off in a crash or by the riders boot. Nihilo Concepts has come up with a kit that solves the problem of the air box cover coming off when you need it to stay in place. We can't take the chance of the air box cover coming off during a race and either can you. The Kit is easy to install and will assure that your KTM Air Box cover will stay in place. The kit comes with two attachment brackets that screw into the air box in the same location where the stud receivers are now. We supply the four screws needed and the new bolt receivers attach strong and secure. Then we provide two grommets and two Stainless Steel fasteners that are easily installed by simply drilling through the inside of the air box through the existing holes from the studs. Alignment is not an issue and installation is a snap. Allen head Stainless Steel fasteners assure that you air box cover will not come off accidentally. Give you bike that Factory look with the Nihilo Concepts KTM Air Box Bolt Kit. Fits 2002 to 2012 snap on air box covers.

  • Stock Air Box cover can be ripped off during competition
  • Bolt on Kit assures your KTM Air Box cover will stay in place durring the heat of battle.
  • All fasteners are included for easy installation all you need is a drill and 1/8" drill bit
  • Now even easier to install with new screws!
  • Fits 2002-2012 snap on air box covers