Nihilo Concepts : Billet Gas Caps

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The new Nihilo Concepts Billet gas cap is an awesome addition to your KTM. It has been designed to work with the stock internal parts of the KTM cap and replaces the black plastic top. It has a bigger breather hole and a smaller size so it fits tighter to the tank taking up less room and improving the flow of fuel. It will give you bike that Factory look and improve function at the same time. Lots of riders have had trouble with the push button safety caps that came on all 2008-2012 KTMs this cap eliminates the push feature making it easier to remove on some models. To install simply unscrew the orange portion from the bottom of your stock cap and remove it from the black plastic top. Take out the rubber gasket and ball and discard the old screws and top then re-install those parts onto the new Nihilo Cap. The gasket and ball fit the new cap perfectly giving you the factory seal and operation. Then you just install the orange screw portion with the three new Allen head screws provided and you are done.

  • The Nihilo cap replaces all 2008-2013 full size KTM caps both screw on and twist on types