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If you ding your brake rotor, you have no brakes, which is bad enough by itself, but if you're racing it means YOU LOSE! The SCOTTS Sharkfin is 3/8" thick billet 6061 aluminum, 25% thicker than any others on the market. It is the only fin that incorporates the brake caliper carrier as an integral part of the function. This means the axle passes throught the shark fin making it virtually indestructable and your brake rotor protected from defeat. This design is 10 times stronger than the "Bolt-On" type fins and it's a beautiful piece of work.
  • CNC Machined from a solid block of 6061 billet aluminum.
  • Brake carrier and disc protector are all one integral part.
  • Dirt Rider magazine called it "an impressive display of protection."
  • 200% stronger than any other shark fin on the market.
  • No more broken swing arm tabs or damaged swing arms.
  • Rear axle passes directly through Carries and fin.
  • 25% thicker than other fins & just as light.
  • Don't DNF from a damaged brake rotor.
  • Lightweight, durable and very attractive.
  • Used and endorsed by serious pros.
  • Virtually indestructable.