Scotts Performance : SUB Mount / Mount Kit Only

Retail Price:
$170.00 - 499.00
MX South Price:
$161.50 - 474.05
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"SUB" mount stands for Stabilizer Under Bars, an idea we've been using for years, originally designed for raising the bars. This concept now allows more room for other equipment such as a Global Positioning Systems (GPS) or Enduro/Rally computer equipment and still retain the quick access for adjusting the stabilizer.

This is also good for the taller rider who wants his bars a little higher, as it raises the bar location about 25mm. In some cases, you might consider a lower bend bar at the same time unless you are trying to achieve a higher bar height, along with your stabilizer installation. We can also help you with other handlebar choices to match your desired setup, as we have a full selection of handlebars to choose from.

The SUB mounts are only available for certain models and certain triple clamps based on the physical limitations of mounting in this area.

Each SUB mount comes complete with all necessary parts, hardware and "Step by Step" pictured instructions.

Information required to complete all SUB mount orders
  • What year, make and model of bike you are ordering this for
  • What triple clamps are being used to mount this kit to
  • SUB mount kits are available for Oversize bars only, such as Protapers