Scotts Performance : Weld-On Steering Stabilizer Kit

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The weld on kit is relatively easy to install and requiares 2 small welds on each side of the frame bracket.

This kit is specific to each bike with consideration for which combination of bars and triple clamps are being used.

The frame bracket is a universal weldable tower that can be adjusted to accomodate different height applications and frame shapes. Becauses the weld-on tower doesn't have to mount around the head tube it is very narrow and compact, lending itself quite nicely to applications where space between the gas tank and head tube is narrow. Weld-on towers are normally a stronger option and removal of a weld on tower is quite simple.

Each kit includes a Stabilizer, handlebar bracket, weld-on tower, instruction manual and applicable hardware.

NOTE: The weld-on kit is not for Aluminum Frames. See Bolt-on Kits.