STIC Fuel Systems : STIC DVI Keihin Metering Block

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Great Dyno proven gains, incredible throttle response, improved performance.

PWK38 E Type

Carburetors with TPS and/or Electronic PowerJet

Fits NON screw top PWK38mm - Common to KX250, RM250, YZ250, KTM 125, KTM150, KTM250, KTM300.

PWK36/PWK38 M Type

Standard Version (Screw Top) Carburetors.


Common on Kx85s, kx100, Ktm85 and ktm105, yz85, yz, superminis

Legal Disclaimer:

The new STIC metering system insert is not made by Keihin; Keihin and Air Striker are registered trademarks of the Keihin Corporation. STIC is an individual US company that designs replacement metering systems and other products. STIC has their STIC® name emboldened on the STIC products. STIC has no relationship with the Keihin Corporation.