Two Brothers : 08-10 Haybusa 1300 Full System Exhaust

MX South Price:
$1054.98 - 1164.98
Part Number:
  • Install a new Two Brothers Racing exhaust system and get ready to tear up the pavement.
  • Simply unbolt your existing exhaust muffler and bolt on a Two Brothers Racing canister for tons more power.
  • The all new redesigned TBR slip-on system for the new Hayabusa, unsurpassed craftsmanship and improved performance.
  • These are just a few of the benefits that you gain by adding one of the all new M-2 Dual slip-on exhaust systems to your bike.
  • By reducing the weight improving the horsepower and torque, our new slip-on for the new Hayabusa is exactly what you need for unlocking all that your new Hayabusa has to offer.