Wiseco : Camshafts

Retail Price:
$209.95 - 270.95
MX South Price:
$209.95 - 214.95
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  • When you’re looking for the next level in engine performance look no further. With a new Wiseco Cam Shaft you will not only get more power but you will get the added peace of mind that you have Wiseco parts inside your engine.
    • Wiseco cams produce great torque and horse power gains - each cam is rigorously tested to produce real "seat-of-the-pants" power increases
    • Built on dedicated forgings to produce camshafts that are tougher and stronger than cast iron cams - no core change required
    • Polished cam lobes for reduced friction on the cam buckets and reduced galling at high rpm
    • Asymmetric cam lobe profiles optimize valve timing and close the valves with the perfect deceleration profile; this eliminates valve bounce and reduces premature valve failure
    • Easy installation using OEM components - no extra parts or special setup required