Wiseco : Fuel Management Controllers

Retail Price:
$194.95 - 225.30
MX South Price:
$194.95 - 202.77
Part Number:
  • Wiseco’s new Electronic Fuel Injection Controllers are simple and easy to use. With the push of a button, you can easily adjust fuel flow for modifications such as high compression pistons, cams, intake, and exhaust to fine tune your bike. There is no dyno or computer needed! It gives you three basic zones of operation, similar to a carburetor. One zone sets your ‘pilot jet’ for idle and cruise. Another zone sets your ‘needle jet’ for acceleration, and a third zone sets your ‘main jet’ for heavy loading and wide open throttle.
  • Plug N’ Play installation
  • Easy push button operation
  • Easy air/fuel ratio adjustment
  • 3 basic zones of operation
  • Uses OEM base code
  • Benefits:
  • Simple to use and understand
  • No computer or dyno required
  • Easily adjusts for modifications - intake, exhaust, cams, etc.
  • Similar to carburetors
  • Does not scramble base code