Wiseco : High-Performance, Forged 2-Stroke Piston Kit

Retail Price:
$125.83 - 280.67
MX South Price:
$100.93 - 273.17
Part Number:
Standard Pro-Lits Piston Kits:
  • Wiseco top end gasket kit.
  • Premium materials produce the best sealing technology available exceeding OEM standards.
  • Dedicated forging.
  • Superior strength/weight ratio utilizing Aerospace alloy.
  • Race proven designs.
  • Chosen by top race teams, in all forms of racing.
  • CNC machined.
  • Optimal cam shape and profile for peak HP and service life.
  • Premium top end needle bearing.
  • Precision machined, highest quality materials for strength and reduced friction.
  • High-performance ring set.
  • Extended life and sustained power.
  • Highest quality, alloy pin.
  • Consistently true and durable.

Racers Choice

Racers Choice are the ultimate piston choice, packed with performance enhancements. These cutting edge designs produce the maximum power possible out of each application, designed to keep you at the front of the pack. Most Racers Choice pistons are single ring 2-Stroke or two ring 4-Stroke pistons. With one less ring, weight and friction are reduced, power is increased, and throttle response is instantaneous! Racers Choice pistons offers extra performance to those racers and engine builders who want the most in every race.

GP Series

Two Stroke GP Series pistons have additional features over standard Pro-Lite parts. Each piston is E-Coated on the crown, ring grooves, and pin bore, for maximum wear resistance and protection from micro-welding, galling and detonation. GP Series parts generally have less machining on the outside, which helps seal up the bore for increased compression. Additionally, boost ports are removed for a more predictable power band and increased pull on the top end.